Friday, 18 October 2013

potato cauliflower soup

Even better heated up the second day.  This is really good with new potatoes if they are in season/available. Serves 6-7


6-7 cups veggie broth
7-8 medium size potatoes
1 whole cauliflower
1 cob of sweet corn
2 leeks (optional - if tolerated)
2-3 garlic cloves
1T Olive oil
fresh thyme, fresh ground pepper, chopped fresh parsley (to taste)

Wash and scrub potatoes, cut into cubes.  You can leave the skins on if they are organic.

Bring the broth to a boil and add the potatoes.  Reduce heat and simmer.

If using leeks, slice just the white/light green part.  Saute in olive oil on a low heat  and let them soften, stirring occasionally (this takes a little while).

In the meantime, wash and cut up the cauliflower and add it to the pot.  Husk the corn and do your best to remove all the cornsilk.  Slice vertically into the pot.

When leeks are tender, add garlic to the pan and cook a minute or so, stirring frequently.  Add the thyme and simmer for another minute.  Add the contents of the frying pan to the pot.  Mash some of the potatoes and cauliflower against the side of the pot with a wooden spoon to thicken the broth.

Let simmer a few minutes more.  Add parsley and fresh ground pepper.  Serve!

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