Saturday, 3 May 2014

useful substitutions

Here are a few substitutions that I have found useful.

For                               Substitute

Lemon juice                Lemon zest and /or pear juice

Curry powder              Any combination of the following
                                  that you can tolerate: tumeric,
                                  cumin (small amount), coriander,
                                  cardamom, ginger, cinnamon,
                                  black pepper

Soy milk                      Rice, almond or other nut milk,
                                  coconut milk

Tofu                            Substitute cashews, chick peas, mung beans,
                                   or organic eggs (if you eat them) for protein
                                   in stir fry type dishes, or try this
                                   Burmese chickpea tofu, which i found here.

Vinegar,                      Blueberry or pear juice
Apple juice        

Parmesan                    Nutritional yeast if tolerated,
                                  or feta/goat cheese

Tomato sauce,            Red peppers, roasted red peppers.
tomatoes                    Try this roasted red pepper sauce, or
                                  invent your own!
Mustard, Mayo,            Homemade sauces, dips, or spreads can
Ketchup                      work well as toppings for veggie
                                  burgers, or in wraps, pitas or sandwiches

Tamari/ Soy sauce       A simple clear sauce with veggie broth (ic friendly),
                                  salt, toasted sesame oil, maybe some honey
                                  and black pepper if tolerated, plus any other spices
                                  that work for you. You could also try coconut aminos.

Black tea                    You could try rooibus tea. It has a nice earthy taste
                                  that is more similar to black tea than some other
                                  herbal teas.

Sour cream                 Plain yogurt, if tolerated

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